Ardell Lash iD Angled Uplift




Sculpt and highlight your outer corner with the Ardell Lash iD Angled Uplift. An exaggerated piece placed 3/4 of the way across the band creates lift and definition at the optimal location while maintaining length and fullness throughout the band. Outward tapering of the lash helps elongate the eye.

Lash iD Lashes are custom designed, PATENTED lash styles developed by a world renowned celebrity makeup artist with over 20 years of on-set and red carpet experience.

Key Features:

  • Small ”Mini Strips” make the customization process easier
  • The unique, metal Mini Strip Applicator holds the mini-strips and makes application easier
  • Each lash style comes in short, medium and long length on the tray
  • Mix and match to get your best fit!


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